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An image of water's chemical formula H2O

An image of water’s chemical formula H2O

Water is our most important natural resource, vital to sustaining human health, food production, economic development, social justice, and global security. Although water is our largest resource, it is also a finite one. Only 3% of all the water on earth is fresh water, and only about one-third of that is available for human use; the remaining two-thirds is frozen in glaciers or too  far beneath the earth’s surface to access.¹ Consumers, businesses, and institutions all need to play a critical role in conserving water and protecting it from pollution.

Massasoit is doing its part to reduce its water use. In 2009, the college undertook a comprehensive energy and water conservation project to save energy, resources, and costs. By installing low-flow fixtures, Massasoit has been able to save close to 1.5 million gallons of water a year.

You can do your part, too: 100+ Ways to Conserve Water

For more information on global water issues:

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¹The Global Environment Facility: The Importance of Water Sustainability (Accessed 4/19/16).

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