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Textile Recycling

Massachusetts residents and businesses throw away 230,000 tons of textiles each year, and 95% of these items could be reused or recycled!!*

Massasoit partners with Bay State Textiles to offer students, faculty, and staff an easy way to recycle unwanted clothing, shoes, purses, linens, and stuffed animals. Even single shoes and socks (and who doesn’t have a few of those lying around?) are accepted. Items need only to be clean and dry. And for every ton that we recycle, Bay State Textiles sends Massasoit a rebate of $100!

So don’t trash your used textiles! Bring them to the Brockton campus instead and look for the white containers. Bay State Textiles will find a new use for them; items that cannot be reused are made into rags or insulation. Donation guidelines

An image of Bay State Textiles'  drop-off bins on the Brockton campus

An image of Bay State Textile’s drop-off bins on the Brockton campus

Locations on Brockton Campus:

1) Parking lot behind Fine Arts building;

2) Student parking lot#2, across from Business building

*Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection

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