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When unused medications are poured down the sink, flushed down the toilet, or put in the trash, they can end up in our ground water and our waterways, releasing potentially harmful chemicals into the environment. Protect our water supply and ecosystem by safely disposing of unused drugs.

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection has established safe medication disposal kiosks (Medication Safe Disposal Kiosklist) at Walgreen’s Pharmacies and police stations throughout the state.

Massasoit’s Brockton Campus Police Station now has a drug collection receptacle located in the hallway just outside the station that is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  There is no fee involved for disposal.  If or when you discard a medication, please do so in its original packaging and blackout any personal information on the label. Here is a list of medications that are accepted:

The federal Food and Drugs Administration has additional information about safe drug disposal.

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