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Massasoit's Edible Community Garden on the Brockton's campus

Massasoit’s Edible Community Garden on the Brockton’s campus

Massasoit has converted several traditional gardens to sustainable gardens with non-invasive plants native to New England. Among its numerous native gardens are a 17,000 square foot wildflower meadow, two bioswales, and a rain garden. The college has also converted several large expanses of lawn to no-mow areas. These landscaping efforts help to conserve water, mitigate storm water run-off, increase wildlife habitat, and reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and fossil fuels.

Massasoit’s edible community garden, situated between two classroom buildings, grows a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, and fruit trees. The garden helps to demonstrate the potential for urban gardening, engage the campus community, and foster an appreciation for growing one’s own food.

Learn more about the Brockton campus gardens by following our new sustainable-gardens-self-guided-tour, developed by Professor Andrew Oguma.

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