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Cafeteria Composting

Composting at our Brockton and Canton cafeterias is made easy with our new 3-bin Composting/Recycling/Trash station.

An image of a "3-bin system" compost station at Massasoit's Cafeteria

An image of a “3-bin system” compost station at Massasoit’s Cafeteria

Easy-to-read instructions are designed to make one-stop sorting convenient when you are on-the-go:

  1. COMPOST all food waste and compostable dining ware.
  2. RECYCLE the recyclables.
  3. WAIT! Check to make sure you COMPOST and RECYCLE properly before you TRASH the rest.

In October 2014, Massachusetts instituted the Commercial Food Waste Ban, prohibiting businesses and institutions that generate one ton or more of food waste per week from throwing this material away. Even before this regulation went into effect, Massasoit had begun composting in its Brockton (2010) and Canton (2011) cafeterias through Environmental Management Operations Services (E.O.M.S.). Massasoit also recycles used cooking oil by working with Baker Commodities.

Food waste makes up approximately 30% of Massasoit’s trash. It is imperative that we divert as much food waste as possible from the landfill in order to achieve our waste reduction goal of 40% and reduce our carbon footprint.

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